Rechtsanwalt Suchard law firm offers high quality legal advice in the preferred field of private construction and architects’ law and all neighbouring legal aspects in Real Estate. The best way to realise first class legal services is the early contact with the specialist construction lawyer before starting the project, before acquiring a plot of land and before signing planning or construction contracts.

An early in-depth analysis of all legal aspects and facts can help to avoid costly problems which in some cases can’t be cured later anymore without the consent of the other party. Should an out of court settlement be impossible to reach we will support you with all our experience in all German Local- and County Courts as well as in the Courts of Appeal or in arbitration proceedings.
It is our philosophy to agree on the legal fees with you in an individual and transparent way. In general, legal fees in Germany are ruled by the Federal Lawyers’ Fee Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, RVG).

In addition to personal on-site appointments, our law firm naturally also offers telephone or online consultations regarding your questions. Basically, we are technically equipped with Skype or Zoom calls, other providers are possible by prior arrangement.

Further information regarding our fields of law is to be found here.